For the last year and a half, this has been an incredibly thought-provoking, unprecedented experience for almost everyone and devastating for all too many – An Unexpected Journey in Hobbit parlance.

What does the future hold? 

After centuries of intolerance and discrimination, finally over the last decades, Ireland was taking great strides towards eliminating inequality and bigotry. This week sees the first step backwards. The Irish medical establishment and Government are fully intent upon adopting state-discrimination towards their own citizens.

Look back at our 2019 mindset; could we have even imagined that we would be facing active state discrimination in Ireland. It was inconceivable!

During 2020, the idea was put forward on social media that we could end up in a two-tier society with citizens being left outside bars, restaurants, gyms and even supermarkets. This was shot down as crazy conspiracy talk and that it would never happen as the people would not stand for this.

Roll on less than a year and the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) announced this very reality – no longer a conspiracy. Do you agree with this? Will you accept this medical segregation?

The Unhealthy Debate

There are many debates on vaccines, efficacy with lots and lots of data and opinions – these debates are often excellent and informative. One does need to navigate around misinformation and disinformation on both sides to access legitimate, scientific information. There are intriguing, compelling and genuinely factual aspects to SarsVov2 and Covid-19 that, sadly, do not get represented or debated on mainstream media.

The narrative is homogeneous but the studies, data and information is certainly heterogeneous. There could be a very fruitful, healthy engagement in the pursuit of better outcomes. The data, information and studies are easily available for those willing to look.

Vaccine Hesitancy

Based on a survey, 63% of respondents were unaware these Covid vaccines are in emergency use± in Europe and on trial until 2023.

Those who now positively elect to refrain from decision until these medical treatments have completed trials and/or have been formally approved for full marketing authorisation are disparaged as ‘vaccine hesitant’, ‘anti-vaxxers’ or ‘granny killers’. The argument that vaccines work for those receiving them seems irrelevant – “you need to take the vaccine to protect others”.

Just take the jab!

The current line of reasoning being asserted is that it is selfish not to do the honourable thing to protect the vulnerable often uttering, in exasperation, phrases such as ‘just take the jab FFS’. Factually, this argument has more holes than Emmental cheese but the emotive driver behind it is so compelling that it has very real potential to tear families, friends and society apart.

It seems that the behavioural psychologists behind the government narrative have tapped into the deeply-unconscious fight or flight emotion – those who don’t ‘believe’ in the vaccines don’t care about their vulnerable family and friends and are persons of bad morals.

Logic doesn’t come into this – it is too deep within the brain’s Amygdala.

Next Steps

Many people are very positive about the vaccines and willing to take them for their personal health feeling the benefit outweighs the risk.

From this same cohort, the vast majority who responded to a recent Bring Back Normal survey clearly shows that they are vociferously against a segregated society. Used for entry to restaurants, bars, gyms or any other aspect of a democratic society, these vaccine passports are guaranteed to create division and mental health issues due to the discrimination and exclusion. 

Where will this then end? How did we get here?

As a people, we have reached a crucial moment in our democracy. Do we decide to discriminate with the contrived, but emotive, argument of the greater good or do we continue to accept diversified opinions even if we do not agree with them.

For the sake of our cohesion on our island, it seems that we must be decisive in not being divisive

± Emergency use is called “Conditional marketing authorisation“ in Europe – see EMA Website for more details