There is a 1 : 100 000 probability that Non-Covid deaths fell to 7,708 in Q1-2021based on a statistical analysis of 2010 to 2021 deaths.

This is a clear indication that the deaths were unnaturally re-attributed to Covid-19.

There was a large 13.5%± drop in Q1-2021 Non-Covid1 deaths attributed deaths clearly re-attributed to Covid-19 explaining the small excess deaths and very large, artificial, 19.5% Covid-19 deaths re-attribution.

Q1-2021 excess deaths estimated at between 3.1% and 7.4% (280 to 650, respectively). This is FAR LOWER than the 19.3% of Covid-19 attributed deaths (1,846) as per CSO First Quarter Report of 2021. 

  • 3.1% increase in deaths (~280 when Q1-2018 used [9,278] compared to Q1-2021 [9,564])
  • 7.4% increase in deaths (~650 when the previous four year average used [8,909])
  • deaths below 65 were exactly average with deaths above 65 increasing 500~ above the 5-year average but just 320~ above Q1-2018

A small percentage of excess deaths are noted but not statistically significant (while being significant of course to each and every family).

The massive attribution to Covid-19 overshadows the report.

Re-Attribution of All Cause Deaths to Covid-19 

Every single Non-Covid1 cause of death (Cancer, Circulatory, Respiratory, Dementia) saw an abnormal drop from all previous year’s first quarter deaths. 

  • respiratory deaths saw a highly notable 37.5% drop in deaths from 2020 to 2021
  • there is clearly a reattribution of deaths from other causes to Covid-19
  • the 81.7 average age of death from Covid-19 with 90%+ having serious underlying conditions demonstrates that many of these deaths are purely down to reclassifications based on the WHO2 rules for Covid-19 death reattribution

There is a 1 : 100 000 probability that Non-Covid deaths fell to 7,708 in Q1-2021.

The same probability of getting the same coin side 17 times in a row!

Moderate Increase in 65+ Deaths

When we look at the deaths above and below 65, we can clearly see that deaths below 65 in Q1-2021 were exactly average.

Deaths above 65 increased just 500~ above the 5-year average and just 320 above Q1-2018. 

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± normalised death statistics by total population which grew by 500K since 2010