Social Credit

Over the last year, you have probably encountered a friend or family member utter crazy ramblings about a ‘Social Credit’ system. Your conspiracy theory radar went off and you immediately stopped listening. Understandable. 

After all, the politicians, medical professionals and the media have been crystal clear – consistently so; misinformation on social media is very dangerous. 

That said, Social Credit is not a theory – it has been used in China since 2019[1]. This article will explore what this system is, how it is implemented using Digital Identity and how a Digital Currency may enable this system in the Western world in the coming years. 

How Will This Digital Revolution be Implemented?

It all starts with a Digital Identity system. This is an essential pillar, similar to India’s Aadhar card, in being a biometric based identity. This ensures all actions are tied to an individual using biometric devices such as facial recognition. 

So what, you say – they can do that anyway with passports. True but the real power comes with the second pillar – a Centralised Digital Currency. 


The government proposed Digital Currencies are very similar to existing crypto-currencies like Bitcoin but with one key difference – they are not centralised. This matters as all transactions will go through a governmental Digital Hub – controlled by the relevant central bank. 

All cryptocurrencies have a ledger of all transactions which ensures trust through transparency and eliminates fraudulent transactions against that digital currency. 

With the two pillars in place, the Digital Identity and Digital Currency, the potential is now available for governments to know WHO is transacting on WHAT, WHERE & WHEN and, potentially, with WHOM.

Right to Privacy

You will hear much in the coming months, and years, about these new Digital Currencies – the UK[2] and European Union[3] have already begun their initiatives and China launched their Digital Yuan[4] in July 2021.

There will be a lot of talk about regulations and the right to privacy. Governments will deny that they are interested in any one individuals’ transactions. All this information is available with warrants will be the official mantra and labelled as predictable ‘overreaction by privacy evangelists’.

There is a difference! This comes with the third and most important pillar.

The Digital Hub

Now that the ability to know who transacted what, when & where is available via the two existing Digital pillars, the third becomes the Digital Hub. Transactions may be denied or paused if suspected of fraud or of being suspicious – all underpinned by Artificial Intelligence. 

Again, on the face of it, this seems logical – why would a functioning society not want to prevent fraud and protect individuals against organised crime syndicates and government revenue collection against tax evaders. Banks are required to do this now anyway.

Here comes the rub and why many, many people feel that this system will be abused. 

Carrot & Stick

An obvious extension to this system is to add bonuses for ‘societally agreed, desirable behaviour’. 

A bonus may be one free train trip per year if no carbon-emitting flights are taken by that individual. A reasonable incentive you say. The ‘stick’ may be a scaled incremental surcharge per flight to cover carbon costs and disincentivise travel. The Digital Hub could now be linked to a social credit system which is used to determine whether a transaction is approved based on ‘agreed behaviours and outcomes’ and the current individual’s score. 

Behavioural Control

Take this one step further. A less ‘desirable’ person who has inconsistently adhered to the required behaviours would perhaps find that they cannot purchase travel. They may be given opportunities to regain credit by volunteering for charity work and by behaving ‘well’ for a period of time and, thus, regaining their right to transact again. 

There may well be laws enacted in each jurisdiction requiring social media companies to verify your Digital Identity under the guise of controlling online abuse. The transaction checks may then be widened beyond the currency transactions to social transactions.


You may say that no politician would allow this invidious control to pervade our everyday lives. You may also consider the incredible control engendered by the same political & medical community during the 2020s thus far. This system will be brought in gradually and always ‘necessitated’ by some real world event such as the recent pandemic or climate change. The ‘vaccine passport’ is a clear example of using a real world event to bring in a de facto Digital Identity system which would have been rigorously resisted at any other time.

What is clear is that ‘the new normal’ phrase was thrust upon us from very early on in the pandemic throughout the world – in other words, are we being conditioned for never returning to the ‘normal’. Pre-2020 normal had problems – it is true – but is the solution centralised control on an unimaginable, global scale with this power potential being placed in the hands of politicians, technocrats and their political influencers – the unelected wealthy?

Time will tell but you have the power to ensure that this does not happen. We implore you to consider strongly rejecting the Vaccine Passport – this is their first Digital pillar and, without this, the Digital Currency and the social credit system collapses. 

It is now in your hands. You decide.

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