This is a special day for Irish people worldwide to celebrate the shamrock and an opportunity to be reflective of our spiritual and proud past.

Bring Back Normal encourages people to connect with each other within our communities.

For everyone’s positive mental health, we do encourage people to gather in open spaces. People need to feel human and social interaction through simple conversation, spiritual silence or prayer will be good for the soul. We can do this and remain fully compliant with the current guidelines.

Bring Back Normal backs the constitutional right to peaceful protest but we also respect the current guidelines. We believe protests come in many forms and peaceful gatherings in your local communities will be hugely beneficial. We recognise the difficult role the Gardaí have in policing large protests at this time and we request everyone remains calm and law abiding.

With peaceful gatherings and tolerant exchanges of opinion, we will unify into a rational voice of reason. We need to focus our energies in our communities and find another path forward – one that will lead to the safe restoration of the Irish way of life.

Stay safe, remain peaceful and Happy Paddy’s Day to one and all.