Imagine. “Hi Mam. Great news. Yeah, the cancer‘s still in remission. Yeah, vaccine shot went grand too. I’m all in the clear. I’ve a week off till I’m back on the ward. How’s Da? How’s his dementia? I was going to come home for a few days to give you a hand.  What? We’ve been added to the list of quarantine countries? When? Can the Minister do that arbitrarily? I’ve to quarantine for 14 days? The kids too?”

Yes, it’s fictional. But it might not be too farfetched. Along with quarantine from any country at the discretion of a Minister, along with vaccine passports, your right to travel could be linked to any virus or variant. Why stop with one coronavirus? Why not any ailment?

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is so common that most children get it by the age of 2. However, it is far more dangerous to infants and young children than Covid-19.

To get a sense of RSV versus Covid-19 in children, in the UK: RSV usually kills 28-79 children per year. With Covid-19, a total of 7 children died in paediatric intensive care up to November 2020.

Australia is currently experiencing a surge in RSV infections, at least twice as many as normal and out of season too. You can read more here. A post lockdown rebound of RSV will also harm older adults. RSV usually causes 10,000 deaths per year among U.S. adults aged over 65. RSV in nursing homes has a fatality risk of 2%-5%. Imagine if the incidence of RSV doubles here? So where might lockdown, mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports end? And what do travel bans really achieve? 

According to the latest Health Protection Surveillance Centre report, dated 29 March 2022, just 0.8% of outbreaks are linked to travel.  

It’s almost as if the HSPC data is saying exactly what the WHO 2019 Pandemic Guidelines said. See screenshot below. Or is all this quarantine noise a political distraction from other potentially much more significant issues? What else might we learn from Plan A now that Plan B doesn’t seem to be working out so well? It’s about balance and proportionality. Time to think for ourselves.

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