Bring Back Normality to Irish life and democracy by restoring personal freedom and building trust between the government and its people while advocating for the vulnerable affected by lockdown and social isolation. 

Our aim is to engage in creating a more balanced approach to dealing with Covid-19 by reducing the significant damage that the current policies are causing to our society.

Bring Back Loving

We seek to

  • protect our children and most vulnerable 

  • restore personal freedom and well-being

  • prevent health-based discrimination

  • enshrine the right to earn a living

  • better balancing of medical resources

  • maintain free movement within E.U.

Core Values



Accepting other ideas without having to agree with them.


Impartial and just treatment of all residents and citizens.


Cooperating voluntarily, exercising free will and individual judgement.


Open decision-making based on facts and accountability.



Obey the law while challenging measures which cause harm to society.

Who Are We

We are parents, grandparents, uncles & aunts who feel that the cost for children has become too much to bear.

For many who have been suffering with mental health issues, the situation has now become unbearable. 

The inhumanity of separating families across borders is coming at a massive cost.



Change is Possible


Join us in discussing our options

# BBN   #BringBackNormal