Freedom is encapsulated in people’s right to practice their beliefs without constraint. In today’s Ireland, and for the past year, the right to gather with fellow believers and enjoy the rituals of worship have been stripped away without mercy.

Liberty is not a gift to be handed down by a government to the people that can be taken away. Freedom is a right the people have without undue interference from the state.

Due to the unknown threat posed by SarsCov2 in March last year, most people gladly relinquished some freedom. Requested by the government to their people, they asked everyone to restrict their movement and to close their hard-earned but non-essential businesses. Religious leaders were also asked to close their doors.

Move on a year, many people have died throughout the world. SarsCov2 has wreaked havoc on all our lives with no one exempted. Daily debates rage on social and regular media with every single facet and statistic of the last year up for grabs.

No matter your opinion, one thing all can agree with – the Irish people’s freedom has been supressed. The right for children to play sport, the right for family to gather for life celebrations, the right to gather at funerals to send your loved one off.

Free choice to gather and practice religion together has suffered just like every other aspect of Irish society. The aspect that irks so many is the choice to take their own personal risks. Attending religious ceremonies is one such irritation which is so important to so many. Many of those begging to attend are the same granny’s and granddad’s that the politicians warn us we could kill. This wise generation are pleading to fully live the rest of their lives, not just exist often living in social isolation.

The time has now come for the government to respect and trust the people’s right to personal freedom – freedom to gather and pray together without constraints.

Is this now the time to gather in small groups each Sunday; gathering outside your local place of worship demonstrating your personal freedom – your choice – your risk – your religion!

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