This summer, entry to a music festival or a gastropub may require scanning your ‘Freedom Pass’ to gain entry. I know – crazy stuff – but this is what all countries in Europe are currently discussing with Ireland and the UK leading the posse. Boris Johnson has said this week that scanning to gain entry to a pub was “the kind of thing that may be up to individual publicans[1]“. 

It will start as optional by governments, thereby, inferring legal permission for businesses to decide their own policy. This will result immediately in festivals, music venues and football stadiums requiring a scan to protect their bottom line – as they will be able to operate with minimum restrictions and fuller capacity. Nightclubs have suffered for over a year and will be eager to implement the system, as soon as they can, attracting back the young, beautiful and newly vaccinated generation.

Businesses will be permitted to open as ‘normal’ but will have reduced capacity to adhere to all the guidelines unless they become a ‘freedom pass’ establishment. The lure of higher revenues will soon kick in. Hotels, gyms, offices and government facilities will increasingly require ‘the scan’ to avail of their services with the unions the most vocal in protecting staff and customers. Shopping malls and supermarkets will come under populist pressure to reduce entry to ‘click and collect’ service for the untouchables

The key theme above is revenue and the young – to operate a business, one needs to maximise capacity and to maximise vaccine prevalence, one needs the young. This is how behavioural psychologists think when asked by governments on how to maximise vaccine take-up – use market dynamics on the target population and drive the behaviour you require – hey presto, youth vaccine uptake!

Perhaps you’re beginning to see the very slippery slope of coercion for an emergency use medical treatment. The vulnerable are clamouring for this vaccine and this is makes sense – is pro-choice. 

Does it make sense to promote natural immunity alongside vaccines? Statistically, their immune systems are overwhelmingly capable of dealing with SarsCov2. Relative to the vulnerable and older generation, the youth see a very small number hospitalised with Covid-19. 

For the young and vulnerable alike, we all have the luxury of multiple successful Covid-19 treatments available, now leaps and bounds ahead of a year ago, including Dexamethasone[2] in June 2020. We also have Ivermectin[3], the Nobel prize winning parasite treatment created by Derry-born Campbell, which is now also looking very positive based on multiple trials.

Let’s really hope that common sense breaks out and we don’t have to suffer many years ahead with inane taglines like ‘Bob the builder, yes we scan.




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